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zplane is a research-focused company that provides state-of-the-art music processing/analysis technology and know-how to the music industry. Our passion is to combine our backgrounds, sound engineering, classical musical education, making rock'n'roll with scientific approaches to open up new ways of producing and processing music on computers.


We focus on intelligent signal processing solutions like artifact-free time stretching and pitch shifting and on music analysis technology, dealing with the extraction of high-level musical information from the music signal like tempo, rhythm, melody and key. We make all technologies available for licensing to the music industry in form of ready-to-use SDKs. Hard- and software design and development services are available on various native and DSP platforms and operating systems.


Please visit our references page to learn more about what companies successfully use


The unique research-focused business model of zplane allows us to switch between the academic and commercial context as required. zplane staff is not exclusively focusing on product development, we are also involved in research and lecturing at the Technical University Berlin and the University of Arts Berlin, share our knowledge in scientific publications and supervise master and diploma theses.

end user products

On top of the audio technology licensing business, zplane has entered the software plugin market in the year 2007 with the innovative vielklang audio harmonization instrument.


zplane was founded in January 2000 in Berlin, Germany, by Tim Flohrer, Dr. Alexander Lerch and Martin Schwerdtfeger and is a winner of the Innovation Award 2000 for Multimedia Technology granted by the German ministry of economics and technology.

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