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[aufTAKT] V3 tempo and beat tracking

[aufTAKT] is an automatic BPM (beats per minute) detection recognizing the tempo of any audio input signal. Furthermore, the location of the beats is detected (beat grid). Tempo and beat location information are e.g. useful for playlist generation, beat correct mixing, for automatic generation of high-level meta data information (e.g. ID-Tags) and several other areas of application.

new features in [aufTAKT] V3:

  • improved tempo detection stability
  • automatic downbeat detection
  • automatic detection of time signature
  • additional "forced straight tempo"- mode for electronic music
  • alternative use of the [aufTAKT] V2 engine for backward compatibility


The input audio signal is analyzed about its onset information (note on) via an algorithm detecting new energy and frequency components and weighting them according their perceptual importance. The onset information is fed into a beat analysis module that detects the actual beat locations, even if the onset are not necessarily at the beat locations.
[aufTAKT] is able to adapt the tempo and beat estimate to a input signal with varying tempo.


[aufTAKT] beat tracking engine is successfully being integrated in (listed alphabetically):

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