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élastique time stretching & pitch shifting SDKs

Test the amazing quality with the real-time pitch shifting plugin



zplane's élastique family offers three different time-stretching (aka time-scaling, master tempo or key lock) and pitch shifting (aka pitch scaling or key lock) engines, optimized for different use cases: élastique Pro, élastique efficient, and élastique SOLOIST. All three of them are able to run in realtime.

élastique Pro

élastique Pro is a general purpose time-stretching engine that offers unmatched quality and easily fulfills the high quality demands of professional productions and broadcast applications. The time-stretching engine is based on state-of-the-art psychoacoustic models and signal processing theory. élastique Pro is based on a completely new approach to time-stretching, making stretching artifacts obsolete and thus providing sharp transients and crystal clear vocals without phasing artifacts. élastique Pro offers stable timing, inter-channel phase coherence and sample accurate stretching. As a special feature, élastique Pro allows you to do formant preserving pitch shifting not only for monophonic, but also for polyphonic input files to avoid the well-known mickey-mouse effect when pitching up or down. Last but not least, all of this can be done in real-time on current CPUs.
Pro is the pitch shifting engine used in our Elastique Pitch Plugin.

Additionally, the élastique Pro SDK package makes élastique efficient and élastique SOLOIST accessable through the same API to make integration of different processing modes as easy as possible - no additional fee required!

élastique efficient

élastique efficient gives you great time-stretching quality at a stunning workload efficiency. The algorithm is targeted at complex polyphonic signals like complete mixes etc. efficient uses specifically developed technologies to efficiently detect tonal and transient components with high accuracy in the frequency and time domain. It furthermore offers different mechanisms to improve performance even more: the processing can be split into several parts in order to avoid workload peaks at low latencies and the overall bandwidth can be reduced in order to save more processing power (at the price of a slightly decreased quality level).

élastique SOLOIST

élastique SOLOIST is targeted at monophonic input signals. Thanks to this restriction, it offers incredible quality for this type of input. It allows pitch shifting with formant preservation to leave the sound's timbre/formant characteristics untouched, and has a transient copying feature to preserve crisp attacks. SOLOIST also allows to split the analysis and the synthesis part of the processing to implement a incredibly efficient real-time synthesis when the analysis is done offline. SOLOIST offers a low level API that requires experienced audio programmers - when interested in an easy to use SDK for pitch correction check out our elastique Tune SDK.
SOLOIST is the pitch shifting used in our instant harmony plugin vielklang.

élastique family overview

  Pro efficient SOLOIST
real-time time stretching yes.gif yes.gif yes.gif
real-time pitch shifting yes.gif, formant preserving yes.gif, non-formant preserving yes.gif, formant preserving
best quality for any polyphonic, general music input monophonic input
phase coherence between channels yes.gif yes.gif yes.gif
absolute timing stability yes.gif yes.gif nearly
separation of analysis and synthesis no no yes.gif
supported samplerates 32kHz .. 384kHz 32kHz .. 384kHz 32kHz .. 384kHz
supported # of channels 48 48 48
optimizations SSE1-4.1, AVX, AltiVec SSE1-4.1, AVX, AltiVec SSE1-4.1, AVX, AltiVec
workload medium low analysis:low, synthesis: negligible
typical apps all key lock, beat matching, master tempo pitch correction, vocal editing, sample players, speech




Experience the amazing quality of our élastique time stretching and pitch shifting engines in (listed alphabetically):

  • ableton Live 5, 6, 7 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • ableton Live 8, 9 (élastique Pro V2)
  • acoustica MixCraft 2.5, 3, 4 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • ALCATech BPMStudio 5 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • ALCATech DigiScratch 2 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • algoriddim djay 1.2,2 for iPad 2 (élastique Efficient V2)
  • algoriddim djay 4 for Mac (élastique Efficient V2)
  • algoriddim vjay for iPad (élastique Efficient V2)
  • Atomix VirtualDJ 7.x (élastique Efficient V2)
  • Avid Torq 2 (élastique Pro V2)
  • Bias Inc. Peak 5, 6 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • Best Service ENGINE (élastique SOLOIST V2)
  • Cockos Reaper 2.0-2.1 (élastique Pro V1)
  • Cockos Reaper 2.2, 3.x (élastique Pro V2)
  • Disco XT Disco XT V5.x (élastique Efficient V1)
  • EKS Bison 1.x (élastique Pro V2)
  • elasticmax elastic~ (élastique Efficient V2)
  • DJUCED 1.x (élastique Efficient V2)
  • HighAndes Trakax 1 and higher (élastique SOLOIST V2 & Efficient V1)
  • Image-Line Deckadance (élastique Pro V2)
  • Image-Line FLStudio 5, 6 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • Image-Line FLStudio 7,8 (élastique Pro V1.5)
  • Image-Line FLStudio 9, 10 (élastique Pro V2)
  • Image-Line NewTone (élastique SOLOIST V2)
  • Mackie Tracktion 3 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • M-Audio Torq 1.5 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • Magix Independence (élastique SOLOIST V2)
  • MixedInKey Platinum Notes (élastique Efficient V2)
  • MixVibes CROSS (élastique Efficient V2)
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 1.5, 2 (élastique SOLOIST V1)
  • Native Instruments Intakt (élastique SOLOIST V1)
  • Native Instruments Traktor 2, 3 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • Open Labs Music OS 3.0 (élastique Pro V2)
  • PG Music Band-in-a-Box (élastique Pro V2)
  • Satellite (élastique SOLOIST V2)
  • Scratch DJ Academy MIX! (élastique Efficient V2)
  • Sony Acid Pro 7 (élastique Pro V2)
  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 10,11 (élastique Pro V2)
  • Sony Vegas Pro 9.0c,10,11,12 (élastique Pro V2)
  • Steinberg Cubase 4,5, VariAudio (élastique SOLOIST V2)
  • Steinberg Cubase 6,7 VariAudio (élastique Pro V2, élastique SOLOIST V2)
    • Steinberg Nuendo 5,6 VariAudio (élastique Pro V2, élastique SOLOIST V2)
  • Steinberg Sequel 3.x (élastique Pro V2)
  • Steinberg Halion 5 (élastique Efficient V2)
  • VOX JamVOX 2.x/3.x (élastique Efficient V2)
  • ueberschall Elastik loop player (élastique Pro V2)
  • xtsoftware energyXT 2 (élastique Efficient V1)
  • Yellow Tools Independence (Pro) and ORIGAMI 2.5 (élastique SOLOIST V2)
  • zero-x BeatQuantizer (PolyStretcher) 1 (élastique Efficient V1)


in the press

  • Electronic Musician (Feb 11) on zplane Elastique Pitch Plugin: "(...), Elastique Pitch is currently the highest-quality pitch-shifting plug-in I've heard in AU format. (...), it's a must-have for music, voice-over, and multimedia work. "
  • Electronic Musician (Jan 10) on Sony Sound Forge Pro 10: "For time-stretching, I particularly liked the sound of élastique Pro on vocal material (...)"
  • Mix Magazine (May 09) on zplane Elastique Pitch Plugin: "To my ears, the plug-in sounds great (...) With any sound source that I tested it on, from full-frequency final stereo mixes to monotone spoken-word vocals, the artifacts rarely limited any reasonable sonic possibilities."
  • Remix Magazine (May 09) on ACID Pro 7: "With all this radical stretching, Sony wisely updated the core time-and-pitch engine with the hot new Elastique Pro algorithm from Zplane. Selectable from an audio file's clip properties window, Elastique is more of a lossless algorithm than the stock Acid method, allowing you to really stretch events with minimal sonic artifacts."
  • Radio and Production (Jan 09) on ACID Pro 7: "The programs ability to stretch and shrink music beyond recognition, almost without artifacts, is amazing. "
  • ElectronicMusician (February 08) on Tracktion 3: "Tracktion 3 also features impressive new algorithms for time-stretching and pitch-shifting. (...) Even fairly substantial time-stretches and pitch-shifts sounded natural and unprocessed."
  • SoundOnSound (June 06) on ableton live: "Live's stretch algorithms are ideal for 'general purpose' stretching, although the Complex algorithm is uniquely wonderful and can often provide the best possible stretched sound for complex material."
  • ComputerMusic (August 07) on Tracktion 3: "Elastique fantastic: On top of this, Mackie have implemented the excellent Elastique Efficient timestretch/pitchshift algorithm, making audio timestretching, root shifting and formant manipulation more precise and laden with fewer artifacts."
  • (June 07) on Electro ID: "I think the time-stretching sounds smooth and professional, even at extreme settings."
  • (June 06) on The Resource: "Der Unterschied ist hörbar! Der MPEX-Algorhythmus zeigt deutliche Schwächen - der neue zplane-Algorhythmus verrichtet seine Arbeit gut."
  • SoundOnSound (March 05) on FLStudio 5: "Another major upgrade to the basic FL Studio package is sample time-stretching and repitching. Image Line told me that their new stretching algorithm was the best in the world. I can't substantiate that claim, but I know it is darn good."


pricing & licensing

Please visit our licensing page for more information. We are happy to discuss license fees with you in personal communication.

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